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  • Publicado : 18 de febrero de 2012
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The prostitution, also known as “the oldest job in the world”, it is seen like a source of work and money for those women, and in the contemporary times, certain amount of men, that might consider their bodies as a powerful tool. Although, several countries have legalized this practice dueto, the implications and the cultural shock, it remains a small number of third world countries that has a punishment for the sexual workers. However, in the case of Colombia, it is even such a common situation, that there are some capital cities that offer the prostitution as a career and a part of tourism.
In this small research, I will present the small and stravanganzza details that mightinclude and affirm how the prostitution in Colombia has become more than a controversy, a vital source of fun a foreign attractiveness.


Lifestyle of a Colombian sexual worker could be defined and felt like a double blade weapon, because of the violence that involves the practice and maintenance of a sexual worker in the market. The mass media has shown to us the two sides of theprostitution with TV series such like “LAS MUÑECAS DE LA MAFIA” and “SIN TETAS NO HAY PARAISO”. In addition to this, the new style of prostitution as a touristic attraction can give to the world society a wide idea about what kind of people have and want to get involved in this business.
When I talk about the population that is found as “employee” of the prostitution market, we must always take alook to the low income society, and also we need to take care of the kind of living place they are attempting to conquer with body selling. To be more specific, capital cities like Barranquilla, Cali, Medellin, Bogota, and, in recent research, Cartagena, without any doubt, are the targets of this shameful enterprise.


Colombia is definitely a third world country that, since it wasable to make legal the prostitution, it is still facing value and moral issues. Mostly, the ways of expression or slangs related to prostitution nomination are always encourage by the hate and the moral punishment of the leading the religious groups. Specifically, such words as: “RAMERA(whore)”, “MUJERZUELA or PUTA(slut)” are only a few of the linguistic representations of the verbal attacks to thispopulation, with an unknown background, are use to hear and receive.
Research and several studies about this controversial topic explain always from the percentage and inquiry development. According to, the article “Radiografía de la prostitución” written by EL TIEMPO’s newspaper journalist PAOLA CELIS, it shows to us that just in the capital of Colombia, Bogota, it is said that : “De 100hombres que frecuentaron un prostíbulo en Bogotá en el último año, 21 resultaron enamorados. Además, el 23 por ciento confesó que busca a la misma mujer cuando visita estos establecimientos. Así lo revela una encuesta realizada por la Secretaría de Integración Social (SIS) a 350 clientes y 350 trabajadoras sexuales, en 80 establecimientos de la ciudad, ubicados en las localidades de Mártires, Santa Fe,Kennedy, Chapinero, Barrios Unidos, Bosa, Fontibón, Usaquén y Tunjuelito”. With this mention I can argue that not only the prostitution is seen like a sexual search, but also involves the results of men falling in love and preference among the sexual workers.
Unfortunately, prostitution in Colombia, like in any other part of Latin-American, and even in the USA has to deal with the drug usage asa requirement or simply willingness of the sexual worker and clients.
Prostitution in Colombia also is a source of complaints in the society because of the childhood implications. That means that not even the children are out of consideration, since several parents offer them to supply the sexual needs of the client, without thinking the repercussions and damage that is being caused to the...
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