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  • Publicado : 9 de junio de 2010
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Because this might be the last time you"ll share the same school with your friends let them know how much you care for them .Write a so long-goodbye letter for your group. Remember always to writegood things about each one of your classmates , even when you didn t like someone in particular .Take in consideration that people change within time and that someday ,you may meet with your good oldfriends from secondary school again . Write your letter on the lines below. Show it to your teacher to correct your spelling or to ask for words you may not know.

colleagues, "This is not goodbyeis a goodbye."
may be sad for us that we cease to be around people with whom we live three years living good and bad experiences from the beginning, we showed some children being timid on entering anew phase, in which both men and women, we showed mistrust and the echo just know that our life was much the best in our lives as the worst, for custom-made pieces that we enter adolescence and logicour moods, tastes, friendships, attitudes were returning others, but little by little we know, from the dumbest to the smartest, from the most boring to the most fun, so start slowly, we will neverforget that testing day, we spent the responses without the teacherrealized when we did not make fun of the class that most left the salon, we aventabamos balls of paper, so alla been for annoy, oroffend wing play we cain bad person, when we crap peliabamos for both men and women and pushing empesabamos or ground and we end in blows or residence address, those days are that they will not forget.I hope you never forget us, every one with whom we live, remain in our minds and as we keep the best memories in our lives, all disasters in the salo we would never forget, let the school where he wasour best high school to teenagers.
Very soon we part: what will we do without trauma and only a few will follow in contacto.yo not tell you goodbye but a see you soon and hopefully the best fence...
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