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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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Good afternoon fellow project we touch is present in leisure activities that made ​​up my computer ... and .. and ...
Some of the activities we doevery day when we have free time or vacations are to distract are:

* Work is an activity we do before or after school to get extra money
*read a book that we do manage to have word and learn more about a topic
* play outside often happens when we play with someone smaller and typicalplayground games like roosters and hawks, duck duck goose etc.
* listen to music when you are doing homework or when we are stressed and put a songready
* paint is done but not all is good to relax or to express feelings
* dance when we go to a party or when we're home
* baskballplay is a good sport to grow in stature and it is good to practice
* play soccer on a team or just train with friends
* This shopping women dowhen they are bored to be with his friends
* Some play an instrument play an instrument to relax or play in a group
* play video games when afriend and go finish your homework or just for fun
* watch TV this is usually done when you stand or class return
* biking to some practiced inthe morning or afternoon
* amenudeo travel is when we are in school holidays
* Swim practice any sport as a discipline
* Running it as asport or even when we're late somewhere
* facebook check this daily free time at some point checked the facebook
* Thanks for your attention
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