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  • Publicado : 22 de abril de 2010
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IBM Launches POWER7 Blades
By Andrew Dun 14th April 2010

Executive Overview IBM has launched the first blade servers to support the POWER7 processor. Three new bladeservers were introduced, the BladeCenter PS700 Express, PS701 Express and PS702 Express. The PS700 is a single width blade with one processor socket supporting up to four processor cores and 64GB ofmemory. The PS701 is also a single width, single socket blade, but supports up to eight processor cores and 128GB of memory. The PS702 adds a second blade to the PS701 to form a double width, dual socketblade with 16 cores and up to 256GB of memory.

Hardware Description The PS700 and PS701 blades are based on a similar hardware platform with the main variation between them being number of processorcores and memory supported. Both are single width blades with a single processor socket, two SAS small factor drive bays, dual Ethernet controllers, an SAS controller and a service processor. ThePS700 ships with a 4-core POWER7 processor at 3GHz and has eight DIMM slots for a maximum of 64GB of memory. The PS701 has an 8-core 3GHz POWER7 processor and 16 DIMM slots for a maximum capacity of 128GBof memory. The PS702 is formed by adding a second SMP chassis to a PS701 blade. This adds a second processor socket and another 16 DIMM slots for a total of 16 cores and 256GB of memory. IBM PSblades compared Model PS700 PS701 PS702 Slots taken 1 1 2 Processors 1 x 4-core 3GHz POWER7 1 x 8-core 3GHz POWER7 2 x 8-core 3GHz POWER7 DIMM slots 8 16 32 Max memory 64GB 128GB 256GB Disks 2 2 2

ThePS700 blade is supported in all of IBM’s BladeCenter enclosures (BladeCenter E, T, S, H and HT) while the PS701 and PS702 are restricted to the BladeCenter S, H and HT. All three blades support IBMAIX, IBM i, Red Hat Linux, or Novell SUSE Linux operating systems. Performance According to IBM’s rPerf relative performance estimates, the 4-core PS700 has a score of 45.13 compared to the 8-core...
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