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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2010
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2003 Honda Civic EX
THE FOUR STANDARD CIVIC MODELS (the Civic SI and Hybrid are not covered here) share major mechanical pieces, but there areimportant differences. The DX and LX engines are identical, but the GX engine is designed to use the continuously variable transmission (CVT). The EX described here is the only Civic with Honda’s VTECvariable valve timing system. It uses a true returnless fuel injection system with a pressure regulator in the tank, although there is a pulse damper on the fuel rail. Idle speed relearn is CHEAT SHEETrequired after disconnecting the battery or powertrain control module (PCM) power or ground, but it’s simProduction run: 2001-2005 ple. Warm the engine Model variants: DX, LX, GX, EX Engines: 1.7LSOHC 4-cyl to operating tempera(D17A2, D17A6) ture at 3,000 rpm, then let it idle for five minutes at no-load with the throttle closed. The timing belt drives the water pump and Honda recommendschanging both at the same time. Introduced in 2001, the platform was slightly revised in 2003, so alignment specs given here are for 2003 and later. Aftermarket fluids are not recommended for Hondatransmissions and power steering. According to many in the aftermarket, BELT POSITIONS D17A2, D17A6 ENGINE Honda’s own fluids definitely provide smoother shifts and better service life. Service bulletins wereissued to address a clicking noise while driving a manual transmission in second gear (internal repairs required), erratic gauge readings (reboot gauge module by disconnecting and touching bothbattery cables together), resetting the “maintenance required” indicator (turn off all lights first), and DTC P1607 (replace PCM).

D17A2, D17A6 ENGINE SPECS Type: Displacement: Bore x stroke: Horsepower:Torque: Compression ratio: Emission control: Fuel system: Fuel pressure: Fuel injectors: Oil pressure: Valve clearance: Spark plug gap: Firing order: Ignition timing: Base idle speed: ELECTRICAL...
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