Public education in north america

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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2011
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Public Education in North America.

The Education of Mexico ah affected several school children from elementary through actual side due to the lack of teachers and in case you do not know Englishteacher how long it may take to get new teachers so that while other teachers in his time Free help the school but they are not specialists in this field have to teach or review the same subjects thatthe teacher left and many of these cases is the lack of teachers due to retirement, many parents of these students do not care about education or treatment that teachers give their children.

InMexico there are 10 million Mexicans who have not completed primary school and 17 million more have no high school diploma in U.S. education is very different because the level of U.S. public schools islike going to a private school in Mexico and U.S. families do not have to worry about whether your child is not learning as compared to a school in Mexico, the student can go to school but will gohome without learning anything.

In the United States to Mexico are more informed about our educations because they do not have to worry so much about the students that the lead level is very good andhave more attention to learn and we can see that Mexico was not or is so be aware that passed through the video of Vicente Fox, and he does not know the percentages of students.

I'm surprised tosee that Mexico has a very bad academic level also in a private school by these cases some of the solutions that the country can make are:

. To improve education in Mexico, I consider it necessaryfor teachers are invited and submitted reviews or national level assessments required because with this they will know if they are really good teachers

.Talk with the teacher as a parent to know howis school your child, how to help and improve the quality of study.

.Teacher to ask for help to better understand the class topic and not get grief.

. Do more often partial to see if students...
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