Qualities of a succesful politician

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  • Publicado : 6 de noviembre de 2011
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When we hear today about lots of corruption cases in the Congress and the routine news in the newspapers about the political issues, to think about a citizen that canbe a succesful politician sounds like an utopy. However, it is important to know what qualities succesful politicians have the following qualities: they have truth,sensitivity and leadership.
First of all, they have truth as the first and most important quality of their lives. A good politician has true principles and this issomething that is learned at home since he was a little kid. For example, if we see the life of Princess Diana, she remind us like she stated in her book "My life as aprincess", "I was not only truth in my political life, but when i made a mistake my mother taugth me to be true always. That's why Mother Teresa chosed me as his"daughter then"(pg. 45)
Good politicias need to be not only truthful, but sensitivity. Succesful politicians are sensitive towards people's needs. As FUjimori reminds us inhis book. A common citizen, he used to visit poor people not only in his political life, but as a common person, when he was unknown.(pg 45)
In addition to trhuth andsensitivity, leadership is another important quality of a succesful politician. They need to be sevants as the most important quality of leadership and they need tohave followers for his work in the community. "A leader have followers" as John MAxwell tells us in his book "Simply leadership"
In conclusion, we can see that asuccesful politician is someone who is sensitive to people needs and someone who is capable of being a leader. These qualities will contribute to the future of the nation.
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