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Quick-Start Guide
ArcView® 9.3
Single Use


Prior to installing, please review the system requirements. Seehttp://support.esri.com/index.cfm?fa=knowledgebase.systemRequirements .gateway.

International users: A hardware key will be shipped with your product if you are in a location where a hardware key is required. The registration number will be in the formatKEYxxxxxxxxx, and the hardware key number will be in the format 434xxxxx. You will need both numbers to complete the registration.

Automatic Registration
This is the recommended method and requiresthe computer to be connected to the Internet.

More Information about ArcGIS

Insert the ArcGIS Desktop installation media. If auto-run is enabled, a DVD setup menu will appear. If auto-runis disabled, navigate to the DVD and run ESRI.exe.

Select “I have installed ArcView or ArcEditor and need to register the software” and click Next.

Select “Register Now using theInternet [Recommended]” and nish the registration process.

A single source of information and assistance for ArcGIS products is available via the ESRI Resource Centers Web site at http://resources.esri.com. Use the Resource Centers Web site as your portal to ArcGIS resources such as Help, forums, blogs, samples, and developer support. For guidance on how to start using the software, go to Start >Programs > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Desktop Help and refer to the section Getting Started with ArcGIS Desktop. This location provides detailed information about ArcGIS including what’s new at the 9.3 release.Knowledge base articles, downloads, and user forums are available on the Support pages at http://support.esri.com/.


Existing users, use the ArcGIS Uninstall Utility touninstall any previous installations of ArcGIS 9.x. Select the software you want to install from the setup menu and follow the instructions to complete the installation process. If you have any questions...
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