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Quick Start Guide TechTool Deluxe for Mac OS X
Follow these steps to use TechTool Deluxe from Micromat.

If you experience difficulties with your Apple computer, use TechTool Deluxe from Micromat.TechTool Deluxe is a powerful diagnostic utility that tests critical system components, such as the processor, the random-access memory (RAM), the video random-access memory (VRAM), the hard disk,and more. As necessary, TechTool Deluxe can repair the disk structure and rebuild the directories.

1. Install TechTool Deluxe. Follow these steps to install TechTool Deluxe: a. b. c. d. Start thecomputer from the hard disk. Insert the AppleCare Protection Plan CD. Double-click the TechTool Deluxe Installer in the CD window. The Installer will ask for an administrator password. Enter your Mac OSX administrator password and click OK. e. In the TechTool Deluxe Installer window, click Install. TechTool Deluxe will be placed in the Applications folder of your computer's Mac OS X startup volume.f. When the installation is complete, click Quit.

2. Open TechTool Deluxe. After installing TechTool Deluxe on your hard disk, open it by double-clicking the TechTool Deluxe icon in yourApplications folder.

3. Select a volume to test. Locate the Volume pop-up menu in the lower-right corner.

From that menu, choose the volume (hard disk or partition) you wish to test.

4. Consider theoptions. Click the Options disclosure triangle at the bottom of the window. The window extends to show the many tests TechTool Deluxe performs:

Select or deselect individual tests by clicking to theleft of each test in the list.

5. Perform the tests. Click the Start button. As each test is performed, its icon passes through a magnified pane in the upper portion of the window. Clicking theSkip button halts the current test and allows the next test to begin. Clicking Stop ends the testing altogether.

6. View the test results. When the testing is complete, the Test Details report is...
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