Rafael leonidas trujillo martinez

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Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Martinez (June 5, 1929 - December 28, 1969), better known as Ramfis Trujillo, was the son of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina and Maria Martinez Alba.Like his friend (andbrother for a while), Porfirio Rubirosa, was considered by almost everyone as a seducer irresponsible and spoiled, but is also remembered for his brutality and cruelty. Took over the Dominican Republic onMay 30, 1961, after the murder of his father.
Although Ramfis was recognized by Rafael Leonidas Trujillo as his legitimate son, there are rumors that her mother (Maria Martinez, affectionately knownin his youth as 'The Spaniard') was conceived by the Cuban Rafael Dominici, who later disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Jesus Galindez, in his book 'The Era of Trujillo' states: "Ramfis"Rafael L. Trujillo Martinez, Jr., eldest son of Trujillo, was born in 1929, when his mother was married to a Cuban, who did not recognize him as their own. Subsequently, Trujillo recognized him as hislegitimate son. Being an illegitimate child, the fruit of an adulterous affair, and while his father was already married to another woman, (...) In 1935 Trujillo married the mother of 'Ramfis', MariaMartinez Alba, and the child was thus legitimized " . At the age of 5, his father appointed him colonel, salary and privileges attached to the office, and promoted him to brigadier general at the ageof nine.
Ramfis grew in the shadow of power, being indulged in every whim, was the spoiled child, that on reaching adulthood showed little interest in affairs of state. However, it grew by a strongeffort to please his father, who wanted it to be militarily and politically in his own image and likeness. By 1950 he married his first wife, Octavia Ricart, who had six children. In the mid 50's hisfather sent him to study at the School of Army Staff of the U.S.Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. But recently stepped Ramfis classrooms often preferring to escape to Hollywood with his friend Porfirio...
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