Reading techniques

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1. Ignore unknown vocabulary
    In the first strategy you learn to ignore the unknown words just skip over it you can get the main idea of the text without the word that you don’t know

ExampleThe successful treatment of some diseases depends on the availability of sophisticated, modern, high-tech equipment.

Omit the word sophisticated from the sentence, and read the remaining words.Probably you will understand the sentence completely. Sophisticated adds something to the sentence but without it, the basic meaning of the sentence remains clear.

2. Use your knowledge to inferthe meaning of the unknown word
In the second strategy you will use your knowledge to make the inference of the meaning you can based in your knowledge of the word if you can infer that it’s anoun or a verb, and what you understand from the surrounding sentences.

As the fire quickly spread, nearby buildings were soon engulfed in flames.

Although you may not know the wordengulfed, you know from its location in the sentence and is structure that it is a verb. In addition, from your knowledge about spreading fires may lead you to think that nearby buildings were soon onfire. You can infer that the general meaning of engulfed has something to do with surrounded. In fact, engulfed means completely surrounded or swallowed up.

3. Use association to infer the meaningof the unknown word
in the third strategy you will learn to infer the meaning of the word associating it with other word by specific things like concepts and relation of similarity, difference orcause-effect. here is table that help you to recognize the word and the role of this one.

To show similarity | To show contrast | And to show cause-effect |
Likewise | Despite | As a result |Equally | However | Due to |
Also | Although | Accordingly |
Similarly | On the other hand | Eventually |
Related to | Contrary to | Furthermore |
As well as | Conversely | Subsequently |...
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