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  • Publicado : 27 de mayo de 2011
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Comment # 3: Documenting: Recording Information
By: Heylin Yunis Méndez

There are many ways to gather information about children. Sometimes it is very difficult to capture all events that occurin our classrooms and also very difficult to memorize. I think the most important is to focus our attention on each child's development, because it will help focus their strengths, limitations, andbehaviors in the classroom. In order to capture every moment is necessary to follow certain procedures given in this chapter.
If as teachers we collect and store all relevant information about ourchildren, will make us better observers and obviously good teachers. This allows us to find out the real state of our students. If we see a good follow-up, probably would detect a problem, and that is whenwe work with the child. However, teachers stayed in a routine and do not give sequence to the development of our children. That's where we subtract value to the development of each of our children inthe classroom.
There are several types of procedures that help us understand our children.
In this chapter we describe the facts presented and we can document through various techniques such as:narrative descriptions, anecdotal records, photos, audio and videotape. Usually time consuming and some tools are very expensive. We must focus our attention on them. Another way in which we assess ourstudents is through the use of checklists, frequency of occurrence of events or time in which events occur.
In my opinion is one of the most important and which are on hand for any preschool teacherbecause it's really not that expensive and you get very rapid and specific data regarding children. Apart from describing what we see in class and use techniques that help us observe the developmentof each child according to the objectives. As teachers we need to register in concrete numbers to determine the degree of development that has the child, and so, as we get summaries and objective...