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  • Publicado : 1 de septiembre de 2012
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Fireball’s Heart


It’s a quiet evening in the prairie•. Chief Strong Buffalo and Chief Wise Owl are sitting round a fire. “My people are great hunters•. They can find fish in the riverand animals in the woods and on the prairie. They speak the language of the trees and the flowers. And they know the names of all the stars,” says Chief Strong Buffalo. For a long time, the two mendon’t speak. Chief Wise Owl looks up at the sky. He can see the stars and the moon and the silver clouds. He can feel the wind on his face. He can hear the distant• cry of a coyote•. Then he looks intoStrong Buffalo’s eyes for a long time. “My people,” Wise Owl says, “always tell the truth”.

ry Glossa
• coyote: small animal like a wolf • distant: far • hunters: people who catch • prairie: largegrassy area

(in the US)

animals for food 9

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Your people always tell the truth? Do you really think so, Wise Owl? Do you think that they never tell lies•?” laughs Strong Buffalo.Wise Owl is quiet. Again he looks up at the sky. Then he looks at a tree on the other side of the river. “Yes, I think so. Do you see that young man over there,” he says. “His name is Dark Eyes. Helooks after my horses. He always tells the truth! My people tell the truth - all the time! Like Dark Eyes!”

y Glossar
• lies: things that are false/not true


Fireball’s Heart

Dark Eyesdoes not know that Strong Buffalo and Wise Owl are talking about him. He is gathering• wood for a fire. When he is ready he lights the fire. He sits down by the fire and warms his hands and feet andlooks at Chief Wise Owl’s horses. One of the horses is tall and black. His name is Fireball and he is very fast. Fireball is the best horse on the prairie. Dark Eyes likes Fireball a lot. Fireball is WiseOwl’s favourite horse.

• gathering: collecting; getting



After Reading
In the story Chief Wise Owl says: My people always tell the truth.

1 Now you tell the truth....