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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2010
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Today in Bogota we can find places of history and everything related to our culture.
Like in every country we can find night places were we can find hidden secrets.

Places that neversleeps and one of them is located in the area 85 t Place of chaos

It is one of the most visited places because of it musical variety environmental and astronomical variety alwaysdecorated with lights and romantic dreams

Now we are in creeps & waffles restaurant dedicated to women and the most delicious place to have a meal chosen by the Colombian people.

We canalso find shopping malls like Andino and Atlantis, places to share with family and friends

Places that help to create memories and help people to be closer to their firend

At this timewe are in 1969 pizza one of that places we named, this place is very rich and we can spend a great time here.

Many tourists come to these places to enjoy the beauty of the Colombiannights, as well they leave with a good impression of our country.

This afternoon we are not only here for a video we are also to highlight the characteristics of our country, far away aboutbeing a fearsome country, in this country you can enjoy in a lot of places

We hope that all these places are enriched every day with memories and have a plan every weekend and share somewith you’re friends

We hope that all this places become in something bigger and prettier fulle of memories and with a different plan to do every week.

I want to come agin in thefuture to show that in this World is full of smiles and full of dreams, dreams that represent our wishes to enjoy with our friends and families.

So live feel and

Take to your Herat thereason of beeing

“rolo” but not only this because

Remember that

You need to enjoy you’re life

And above all feel that you are a true Colombian

Cause Colombia is our passion.