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What Is Computer Networking?
communication between computers or devices. A computer network is any set of computers or devices connected to each other with the ability to exchange data and allowsusers to share resources.
The OSI Model
Layer 1: Physical Layer
Define physical connections between computers, Define the type of transmission, Set Speed Transmission, Define the Line Coding.
Layer2: Data Link Layer
Organizes the 1's and 0's of the physical layer on logical groups of information. To: Detecting errors at the physical level. Send data blocks to control the timing.

Layer 3:Network Layer
This level defines the routing and sending packets between networks.
It is the responsibility of this level to establish, maintain and terminate connections.

Layer 4: Transport LayerThis level acts as a bridge between the lower three levels totally oriented to communications and the top three levels fully oriented processing. Also, it ensures the good delivery of information.Layer 5 Sesion layer
Used to provide services for the organization and timing of the dialogue between users and management data exchange.Set the start and end of the session.
Layer 6: PresentationLayer
Translate assigned format and syntax to the data for transmission on the network.
Determines the format of the data without bothering about its meaning or semantics.
Layer 7: Application LayerProvides services to the OSI model users.Provides communication between two application processes: such as application programs, network applications

Types of Computer Networks

Personal AreaNetwork (PAN)
The smallest type of network, a PAN simply involves connecting one person's computer to a number of devices or peripherals such as printers, PDAs, and telephones.
Local Area Network(LAN)
home network with two or more computers or you are connected to other computers at your workplace. LANs are ideal for networking in a small geographical area and can either work with cables...
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