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  • Publicado : 22 de junio de 2010
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Drivers in anger: characteristics and clinical interventions

This article is angry and driving, and how to control his anger, discusses the characteristics of why they have that aggressivebehavior and that is what led the to be.
Some are so that they affect climate, to say the excess heat, blood pressure of his fingers and fists and this makes his life threatening as well as to managerisk and are not nothing more themselves, but may damages to third parties.
 In the article tells us that greatly influences your personality and traits for which this behavior in people, my bestress, tiredness or some other situation that the selvage that.
Also deals with the interventions and studies to find out why they are like people. His study was to make a diary for three days whiledriving in patients who are more angry and not, and thus risk situations in which they were.
When you get the results they found that anger and aggression when handling decreases with age because olderpeople driving more slowly and more carefully.


Personally I found the article interesting because it is a matter of concern, because every day we see more accidents and crashes forthese drivers and the factors influencing
 Especially because they are subjects that interest us in psychology, and as future psychologists who will be, as is aggressiveness and how to handle it and Ifound very interesting study, because then find out why people do so and external situations that influence this behavior.
I very interested in these issues, because I would like to dedicate theclinical area, and these issues are much, is the most common today, anxiety, stress, aggression as more and more people with these behavioral disorders and has developed perhaps less serious situations,and perhaps could be avoided if we had a cough to a different culture when driving and not being pressured, take the time to not be made later, as this is one of the main factors why people drive...
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