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Los Referentes son las palabras o set de palabras que nos guian en la lectura para conocer de qué o quién se habla. Su uso es común, ya que tienen como fin el de norepetir la misma palabra una y otra vez, sino que se usan los referentes para referirse a algo/alguien mencionado con anterioridad. Los Pronombres y Determinantes son también conocidos como referentes.USING PRONOUNS AND DETERMINERS FOR COHESION |
1. It is important to make your written and spoken English as cohesive as possible. 2. One way to make your written and spoken English morecohesive is to use pronouns to refer back to previous ideas. 3. Another way to make your written and spoken English more cohesive is to use determiners to refer back to previous ideas. 4. Pronouns anddeterminers are not the only way to make you written and spoken English cohesive. You should use a variety of ways to make your English cohesive. |
Iyouhesheitweyouthey | meyouhimheritusyouthem | mineyourshishersoursyourstheirs |myselfyourselfhimselfherselfitselfourselvesyourselvesthemsel

ves | whowhichthat | thisthatthesethose | myyourhisheritsouryourtheir | thisthatthesethose |

Activity: Empleando los referentes listados arriba, intenta llenar los espaciosen blanco.

I. Conversation: Collaborating on a Psychology Project
MEG: _____ is an interesting assignment _____ have for psychology class.
MAX: Interesting? _____’s going to be a lot ofwork.
MEG: What’s so hard about _____? _____ just have to make up a survey questionnaire related to theories from the class.
MAX: Making up a survey questionnaire isn’t so hard. But _____ have tofind fifty people to fill out the questionnaire and then write up a report analyzing the data.
MEG: _____’ll be easy to find fifty people to fill out the questionnaire. _____ can do _____ in one...
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