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  • Publicado : 15 de diciembre de 2011
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English 1 A
May 04, 2011
Writing is a journey
I have been taking ESL classes for the past two years. They are good to start learning the language but are very basic in regard to writing. That iswhy before taking English 1A I had many doubts. I was not sure if the English I knew by then was enough for this class. I decided to take the challenge and enrolled in it. At first I thought it was arather complicated class; we were assigned to read several chapters of a book each class in addition to writing about it and adding a personal opinion about them. To be honest, I was not accustomed toread that much from one day to another, but as they say "man is a creature of habit". Thanks to this class I am reading more than I used to. As the weeks passed I began to understand the writingprocess and found that it is a lot like my favorite hobby, photography. The most interesting in a photograph is not necessarily the subject, but the angle from which you catch it. There are thousands oftopics to write about and thousands of writers that have written the same thing. What makes the huge difference is the perspective through which every topic is taken. Like photography, writing gives youthe ability to turn a subject from ordinary to extraordinary.
I feel that my writing skills have improved over the semester. However, I still have problems with some areas such as words’ choice. Iknow that it takes time to learn the usage of them; however I’m sure that I will improve if I continue with the habit of reading. I believe that writing and reading go hand by hand, that’s why for anykind of essay is necessary to know as much as we can about the subject in order to develop it clearly. By doing some research before writing I was able to explore a lot of my interest; moreover, Idiscover new areas of interest. I also learned the importance of consulting different sources. It is very effective to have quotes from multiple authors; it helps to consolidate the knowledge gained...
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