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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2011
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In transactions with our offices in the Netherlands Antilles, all relationships between our organizations, Banco del Orinoco N.V. hereinafter referred to as "the Bank", and its "Customers" shall be subject to these General Terms and Conditions, insofar as there has been no deviation from them in the separate terms and conditions that apply to specific servicesrendered by the Bank. Netherlands Antilles law, to the exclusion of any other, shall apply exclusively to the relationships between the Customer and the Bank and to the General Terms and Conditions of the Bank. In all dealings, ensuing from its relationships with its Customers, the Bank shall act in accordance with the regulations, provisions and customs in force at the time of said dealings. TheCustomer is obliged to give the Bank written notice of the address to which all documents intended for him are to be sent. This address remains valid with the Bank as long as the Bank has not received a written notification from the Customer stating another address. With regard to accounts opened in the name of two or more persons, all actions performed by one or the other with regard to thoseaccounts shall be binding upon all persons in whose name the account has been opened, and all shall be jointly and severally liable for the whole towards the Bank, unless and insofar as specifically agreed upon otherwise with the Bank in writing. Unless the Bank has been able to take notice of a written communication addressed to the Bank for that purpose, no changes in the power of disposition ofthe Customer nor of those who represent the Customer in relation to the Bank, nor any amendments, revocations or repeal, lapse, cancellation or extinction in any other way of powers and competences, can be invoked against the Bank, even if publication thereof has taken place. Entries or modifications in the Commercial Register, in the Register of Community of Property or in any other public registeror other publications or amendments therein cannot be relied upon in relation to the Bank. Retired partners (or former partners in case of dissolution) of civil, general or limited partnerships continue to be jointly and severally liable towards the Bank for whatever the Bank has to claim from the Customer, whether or not the claim is due and payable and whether or not the claim has been made upto the moment that the Bank has been notified in writing of the retirement or withdrawal (dissolution). The Customer must see to it that written instructions and communications to the Bank are clear and that they contain the correct data. The Bank guarantees the correct execution of instructions correctly given by the Customer within a reasonable period of time. Without prejudice to the foregoing,the Bank retains the right not to execute any instructions that it receives which appears to be unclear, before having received a confirmation or a clarification thereof. The Bank is free in choosing the means of communication to be used. Any transfer to or by the Bank from or to the Customer or third parties by order of the Customer will take place at the expense and risk of the Customer. Unlessthe Customer desires a particular means of communication or a particular manner of transfer, the choice thereof will be at the Bank’s discretion. For the dispatch of money and securities by the Bank, the Bank will take care of the insurance of that risk at the Customer’s expense. The Bank is not liable for any possible consequential loss sustained by the Customer as a consequence of not receivingmoney and/or securities or not receiving such on time. In deviation of the foregoing paragraph, if the Customer has informed the Bank in writing that it wishes to provide its instructions to the Bank by fax and/or if the Customer actually provides instructions to the Bank by fax, the provisions of this paragraph apply. The Customer may give the Bank instructions by fax regarding payments and...
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