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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2010
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Anmar Nevarez Winter 2010 Mythology Midterm Egyptian: Osiris and Isis

The king of the dead
Osiris was the first son of Geb and Nut. When his father, Geb, gave up the reigning power over Egypt andretired into the heavens, Osiris took over the kingship and married his sister, the beautiful Isis. Osiris had a brother, Set, a born plotter who envied the power and attractiveness of his olderbrother Osiris. Set with other mans devised a plan for the king’s death. Isis try to find the chest with the dead body of Osiris, she went to Phoenicia and found the tree in the king's palace serving as apillar. Set found the body and cute it in 14 pieces. Horus, son of Isis and Osiris, toke over the throne of Egypt. Horus was recognized by the gods as being Osiris' legitimate son. Father of Horusand husband of Isis, is considered a direct ancestor of royalty. Osiris was one of the most popular and important gods of all the Egyptian pantheon. His cult was centered on Abydos and Busiris where itreplaced an ancient local god, Andyety, but extended throughout Egypt. It arose from Busiris in Egyptian Per-usir, which means "house of Osiris Temple”, or capital of the ninth nome of Delta. The termOsiris is a Greek corruption of the Egyptian name Asar. In the New Kingdom, in the funerary texts is merged with Ra, Osiris and the sun is dead and in Heracleopolis Magna Naref is called Osiris.Another name by which he knows is Unnefer, which means the one who does well. Also he is known as the Prince of the gods of the Duat as the god of death and beyond, though, initially was an agriculturalgod that was taken features of other

gods, spirit of vegetation and foremost god, in the resurrection of the Coffin Texts of the Middle Kingdom is identified with the corn and wheat, the symbol ofthe seed that dies to be reborn later as a spike. He embodied the renewal; the rebirth of the earth after the flood, Osiris died in the driest season and was reborn after the withdrawal of waters of...
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