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  • Publicado : 19 de septiembre de 2010
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Rent is a musical film. It was composed by Jonathan Larson.
Rent, is the story about a group of friends that are fighting against AIDS, but their lives get alittle bit happier when they met Angel, a drag queen who teaches to all of his friends how to live the moment. The story begins when Mark is filming his best friend Rogerwho is playing the guitar for first time in a year after the death of his ex girlfriend that tells the truth to him about her illness before she suicide. Then, they getthe notice that they’ll be evacuated if they don’t pay the rent, so they reveal. Later they start going to rehabilitation and to a group for persons with AIDS
As all themovies contain a love story this is not the exception, but it has more than one and they are not so lovely stories; the first one is Roger and Mimi, she is an exoticdancer and she is junkie, that’s why Roger cares too much about her because she reminds him to his death girlfriend. The other couple is formed by Angel and Tom, they metwhen Angel founds him in the street knocked out by some thieves. And the other couple is Joanne and Maureen, this last was girlfriend of Mark, but she changes him tostay with Joanne who is a lawyer.
All of this is set in New York City, as they describe in some songs as “The Center of the Universe”, with cold and cloudy days.
I likethis movie because it leaves you a very nice message: “No Day but Today”, teaches you to live the moment and don’t worry for the past or the future, just live!
I wouldrecommend this movie for persons that like songs with a story behind, for persons that are trying to forget something and they can’t and of course if you love theater!