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  • Publicado : 31 de octubre de 2011
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The aim of this report is to suggest the best way to approach the new school event: “World Awareness Day”. I will also come up with ideas form students, based onsome questions we have done to them.
9 – 10
During this time, the event will consist in informative classes about awareness. A student suggested watching films aboutendangered animals. This would be a great idea to make people awake the problems these creatures have. This student also said that it would be a good idea to aware people by readingthem some texts about the problems animals have.
10 – 12
This will be the first time for activities. Firstly, it would be nice that students bring some friends. This wouldhelp to spread our event. Secondly, we could provide fines to the people that litters. The money could be used to buy recycling bins for the school. A positive aspect of thisactivity is that it will be long-lasting.
12 – 13
A very good idea suggested by a student is to have a special lunch consisting in healthy food such as bread and fruits, butnot giving meat. This will not be intent to make students to be vegetarian, but it will show them that they do not have to eat meat in all their meals.
13 – 16
Another twoactivities will be done during this time. The first activity suggested was a sponsored clean-up of the school, to awareness people about all the rubbish is around them. The otheractivity can consist on sponsoring an endanger animal, such as a polar bear. A part from being fun, this animal could represent the school.
Although somestudents did not like the idea of this event, there was a general acceptance for the event. If all this recommendations are followed, the World Awareness Day will be a success.
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