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  • Publicado : 16 de febrero de 2011
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Book Report

Charley Gordon is a special 32 year old man, but something that is bothering me is the way he is writing, becauseI’m reading two words a minute, but that is excused because Charley is mentally retarded. He explains that he has been chosen, he has bechosen to be an experiment to make him smart, to give super human intelligence. But he is afraid he will lose the opportunity to bethat, he is so egered to be smart because he really wants to be smart, and he is worried of the test he is going through.
he hasnot been doing so well on his tests, he explains how Dr. Strauss put him into a series of test with Bert, to se if he could se apicture on some cards that were stained with spilled ink.
He is so worried in fact that Bert got kind of upset because charley was notable to se the picture on the card, he explains he nodded his head and just made him scared, about being dumb for the rest of hislife, he did not want to work in that bread shop any more, the owner treated hi badly he wanted to be successful and he wants to besmart for that reason.
They started testing his IQ of 60 with a white rat, that had been put into that surgery an made it very smartand survived. They competed in making mazes and rat was quicker that charley, put Algernon was becoming a friend of charley’s.