Resumen capitulo n 1 life exchange

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  • Publicado : 21 de junio de 2011
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Luke Harrison sat at his desk and looked through the door into the next room; his secretary was preparing the room for the directors meeting, Luke smiled. On the tablethe crystal glasses and golden cigarette box was shining in the light from the lamps, there were red roses to go with the red velvet chairs. Yes, the directors wouldcertainly have a comfortable meeting, the smile at his face. He wasn’t so sure of the discussions of the meeting. His partner Jake Fulbright was talking to him from the otherside of the room, there was anger in his voice “Luke wake up, the office look good, doesn’t it? Our company is going well, isn’t it? Together we’ve done a good job and how?By always doing what’s best for the company” “it’s no good Jake, you’re not going to change my mind, our business is property in land, houses and buildings we became agreat company because we gave the people what they wanted and they paid us well, now our city wants us and for a good cause, we have to give them what the want, a children’shome, there is more in success than money Jake, there is pride and respect” “stop that, our city needs an office block and big companies would pay us good money, think ofyour family Luke, don’t you want to do the best for your wife” Jake took out a cigarette and lit it. “If you’re so kind on doing the best for yourself, why don’t you stopthat harmful habit?” Luke hated smoking and Jake hated being told what to do by anyone even if it was his old friend and partner, the two men have grown up together andbuilt their future together and together they have found riches and success but in the past years something have gone wrong between them, what was it? Luke wish he knew.
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