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In Front Of the Class
Brad Cohen was a normal boy, until his 6 years began to have episodes of tics close together and make sounds that could not control. His mother wasconstantly where Doctor and psychologists, but they failed to discover that it was, some said it was a result of the divorce of their parents. Then his mother began to investigate on their own, readingbooks and encyclopedias, until he found the name of his illness ... Tourette Syndrome.
Brad, but appeared to be a happy child in the process of getting used to his incurable disease, suffered a lotbecause his father that he had assimilated the problem and was always scolding him and ashamed of it. Besides his companions spent mocking him and demanded that teachers be controlled and punished for whatcould not.
Then his mother decided to change school, there Brad found understanding support and affection they so desperately needed to feel good among their peers and feel coupled with the otherchildren.
Years passed and Brad grew up, always carrying the cross it was his disease. He continued to study and left home in search of his dream ... to be a teacher.
Bobo, as she called her mother,came every day for work, going from school to school, but for the directors or managers of hiring, he did not have the capacity and authority to be in charge of a group of children.
His father, likenever assimilate the disease and did not believe in all that Brad could achieve, was always his dream to make them quit working with him to convince construction. But Brad was very clear what his goaland if you never let Tourette's win by the less it would be by his father.
Later visit a school where he was received and treated him very well and did not give importance to their illness. It was inthat school where achieving what he had expected.

Brad (James Wolk) craves more than anything in the world to be a master's degree, his life told in flashbacks by parts has been pretty tough...
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