Resumen de mecanismos (inglés)

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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2011
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Mechanism:is each one of the elements that constitute a machine.Machine:a set of elements that can
produce work or apply force.Incline:an inclined surface,a ramp.The lower the inclination,thelower
the force we have to do and the longer the distance we have to walk..An application of the incline is
the wedge:block of solid material with a V-shape,that can be pushedd between two objects orparts
of an object to divide them.Screw:an incline rolled on a cylinder and it has an helix.When it is turned
,linear moviment is obtained like the Archimedes screw,to elevate water.Wheel: isvery useful in
transportation.An application is the windlass:machine to raise weights by winding a rope upon a
cylinder.It's moved by a crank or motor. Pulley: wheel with a channel in its side wherea rope is
inserted.They change the direction of the force we make.Hoist:combination of several pulleys.They
can be fixed or mobile. It has a mechanical advantage.The more pulleys it has, thelarger the
mechanical advantage is and the longer the longitude of the rope we have to pull.Lever: a rigid bar
and a point of support(fulcrum).Are used to multiply the force.We can raise a bigweight by using
little force, but we have to move a longer way.The force point is where we apply our force.The
resistance point is where the weight we want to move is placed.If the distance from thefulcrum to
the force point is longer than the distance to the resistance point,the lever has mechanical advantage,
because it multiplies our force.First class:the fulcrum is between F andR(scissors).Second class:R
is between F and the fulcrum(nutcracker).Mechanical advantage:using a little force we can move a
heavy resistance.Third class:F is between R and the fulcrum(tweezers).Mechanicaldisadvantage:
making force we obtain a less force but a fast movement of the resistance.Complex mechanisms:
transmition:-Increasing or decreasing the speed.-Changing the angle of the rotation...
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