Resumen en ingles de la vida es bella

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The film begins on a truly whimsical note, with two young men, Guido Orifice (Roberto Benigni) and Ferruccio Orefice (Sergio Bini Bustric) motoring through picturesque sun-drenched countryside ontheir way to an Italian city to join their uncle and work with him. The car breaks down, and while Ferruccio attempts repairs, Guido, a happy-go-lucky but intelligent sort, wanders to a nearby farm.There, a beautiful woman, Dora, (Nicoletta Braschi) falls out of a hayloft, into Guido's arms. He is immediately smitten, though she is merely amused by his antics as he tries to impress her.
When thetwo men reach the city, Guido's plan to open a bookstore are scuppered by the inadvertent (though comical) upset he causes to the local councillor whose permission is required. However, he meets Dora (aschoolteacher) several more times, though each time it is in most unexpected manner. He woos her, and she seems interested. Unfortunately, she is to be married to the same arrogant councillor whosewrath Guido has already incurred. However, in a grand and magical sequence, Guido finally wins the hand of his princess, the name he has given her from their first meeting.
The challenge of Benigni'swork is that it binds two diametrically opposed subjects in a balanced and entertaining way. His tale of a 'love that was meant to be' is told engagingly and whimsically in the first part of themovie. The second part of the movie delves into horror and tragedy which test the limits and meaning of such love (indeed any love). The second half of the movie is set in a concentration camp, five yearslater. Guido, Dora (now his wife) and their son Joshua have been sent there along with their uncle, (Giustino Durano). Dora is separated from the others, and Guido tells Joshua that their imprisonmentis really a game, and that the winner of the game will win a real tank (Joshua's unfulfilled birthday wish). Thus, the guards are all part of the game, and certain rules must be observed in order...
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