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Frank Lloyd Wright
For more than 70 years. He designed everything: banks, churches, art museums, houses…
Celebrated as no other American architect has been celebrated.
Always looking for newways of construction. He transformed architecture.
769 buildings.
He was born Frank Lincoln Wright, 2 years after the civil war. His mother shaped him, she encouraged him to build things.
Frank hated farm work. In Wisconsin he developed a love for nature.
The father dropped out of the family, and stood by his mother.
1886 took courses in the University of Wisconsin. Hewas eager to go to Chicago.
Chicago had gone through the fire and architects were eager to reconstruct it.
Frank went to Sulliven (best architect in the time)for work. He believed form must followfunction.
Wright was promoted to chief draftsman.
Married and had 6 children.
He began secretly designing houses behind Sulliven’s back.
1893 Sulliven found out and fired him.
He drewelements from the European style, but he didn’t like it. He was after an American style.
Wright recognized the change that automobiles made. He rotated the house 90 degrees and eliminated the porch. Hishouses were horizontal instead of vertical, set back from the street, and eliminated the decorous detail. He eliminated box rooms; instead he made one big space. Open and flowing space.
135 prairiehouses 1900-1910.
He considered architecture as the master art form. He tried to combine all the elements and control all the elements.
He had earned a reputation of well-build houses. But he wantedthe large-scale.
He claimed to have designed high rise buildings that Sullivan had designed, only to get a job on a big building.
Interior opened up. Went over the budget but they liked it. Hedesigned everything. A “monster of akwardness”.
He demanded control. He controlled everything in the houses.
He designed a temple for man. Many criticized it.
He had an affair and left his family....
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