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Gandhi Summary:
The movie starts from the end, where there is a man that kills Gandhi when we was going to make an speech to some of his followers.
Know the movie really starts at a train were the police take out a man just because he was a white lawyer. Then in a meeting his person say that they can’t surrender to the idea of making an equalitarian empire, because Muslims, Hindus, Jews werebad treated by the English people, so what Gandhi wanted was a community in the one everyone could life with the way each person is, the wanted to be respect from ones to others. And because of this he try to convince people to abolish a law that make them inferior, by burning some “ID”, what have him serious problems, and since there he start having an great importance and assistance to hisreunions that were proposing a unified empire, so he with his followers made a march with a “slogan”, one king one law. Because of this all of them are take to prison, and there he is ask and taken to general Smoots office, and all his followers are taken out of prison.
Bombay 1915:
Gandhi returns to India in a ship (during war time). He is propose to discover the real India, so that is what he does,he start a trip on train, There is a speech of this guy that says,” war has ended and all of us need to forget our differences, and tell the Britain that India demands its own laws, but when Gandhi start to talk people start going, so he realized that all of what the talk there is not for importance of people. Later on he is send ones more to jail, because he tired to help some people that hadlost everything because of the Britain. While he was on jail his friend Charlie went to visit him, and Gandhi ask him to accept a job (what mined Charlie had to go from India), at the end of the audience Gandhi is sent free.
Gandhi made a plan in the one anyone should go to work, and it happened, but when the British now this Gandhi return to prison. As Gandhi followers were doing revolts he wasask to make them take the path of peace, but without surrounding, so there was a reunion of his followers, and suddenly a group of soldiers appear and start shouting them, there were 1516 murders. The responsible of this (a general) said that his action was done in order to give of India a lesson.
Gandhi go to the place where all the murders had place, and in his face you could see a lot of painand sadness.
There is a meeting of Gandhi (and others) and some people of Britain, Militants and Ambassadors, they are talking about the incident that had happened, so Gandhi told them, It is time for you to go, it doesn’t matter the problems our government could have, but that is better that having a unknown power ruling us. After this there is a new call in the one Gandhi saysthat to gain their independence there should be always and hindu-muslim union, any Hindu deserves to be threat as the Britain do, they must resist to the Britain’s power, but without violence. There is a proposal to burn all cloth that is from Britain, and that is done.
Some police men are killed by Gandhi followers, because the official mistreated one of them without a reason, so this riotsburned the police station and killed the officials that where in it. Because of this Gandhi want to persist of the campaign, he want to stop the disasters, so he started his hunger strike to awareness people, and make them stop. When he is getting better (he eats again) he is arrested under the charge of sedition. Gandhi is sentenced to 6 years of prison.
Porbandar, India:
Gandhi is from there. Thereis mentioned how Gandhi got married.
Gandhi will gain the independence when the get to do salt, because the salt and water is necessary, because the monopoly of it give British their control over India.
They make a civil resistance by making salt of the sea. This is promoted and is being done in every part, so the British feel fear and they make a strict action, to put a lot of Gandhi...
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