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Mark was eleven and Ricky was eight. They were brothers. They lived in Menphis, Tennessee.


1. Mark was like a father to Ricky. Giveexamples.

He taught Ricky how to throw a football and ride a bike. He warned him against drugs and protected him from their father, who was usually drunk an had often beaten Mark and their mother.2. What did the fat, bald man do after he got out of the car?

He had left the engine on. He was holding a hose (manguera) and he put one end of it into the tail pipe of the car and the otherend into the left back window which was a little open. Then he got back into the car and closed the door. (He was trying to kill himself. The gasoline fumes would kill him)

3. How did the manreact when mark tried to save his life?

(Mark took the hose out of the tail pipe and placed it on the ground)

He got very angry. He shouted and pulled Mark to the open car door, pushed him insideand closed the door again. (Ricky was frightened but he knew he had to save his brother)


1. What happened when Mark took the gun?

He was about to pull thetrigger when suddenly, the man grabbed the gun from him and held it in front of Mark´s face. Mark put his head down and began to scream. At exactly the same instant, he pulled the trigger. The bulletflew above Mark´s head and hit the window behind him.

2. Why did Clifford think Muldanno wanted to kill him?

(The man´s name was Jerome Clifford but everybody called him Romey. He was a lawyerfrom New Orleans (Lousiana) and thought one of his clients wanted to kill him but he preferred to kill himself. The client was Barry Muldanno. He was in the Mafia. Muldanno had killed Boyette, asenator from Lousiana. He was accused of the murder but the police hadn´t found the body and they couldn´t prove that Muldanno killed him)

Because Muldanno told Clifford where the body of Boyette was...
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