Rethinking the american dream

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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2012
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The American Dream is the term, brought by the immigrants to the United States, that stood for the hope of a better life that offered the NewContinent; which was full of opportunities were anyone was able to start their lives from zero and work it out to flourish without being judgedby the European hierarchy. This virtue still exists and is an attraction for immigrants all over the world. As generations have been passing andestablishing in the United States, the American Dream has been shaping and changing according to the wants or/and necessities of the era.Nowadays, some people say, nevertheless, that the dream is declining or that it is over; that “the American Dream is in reverse”. These believeemerged due to the numerous losses of jobs in 2009 since the country was entering a period of economic challenges; consequently the dream becameharder to achieve.
For the past years, the American Dream has been interpret as “making it big” or “striking it rich”. The definition has evolved,most of the times, the word “rich”; yet it has had different interpretations such as “to live fully” or “to live open for opportunities”, etc.The way on how people want to see it, depends on them. At the peak of the Jazz Era, in the 1920s, people thought of the American Dream in amaterialistic way, for example. The society used to have a gold rush mentality; and through the years, it seems like it has remained that way.
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