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The nintendo wii is the last console thrown by the compania nintendo. wii tries to be the total unovation in videoconsolas, since it possesses a particular technology, varied games and is for the whole family, with the above mentioned characteristics it begins to the market to compete with pllaystation 3 (sony) and xbox 360 (Microsoft)

Ninetendo Wii

Wii is the sixthvideoconsola of tablecloth produced by Nintendo, it was developed in collaboration with IBM and ATI. She is the direct succesor of the Nintendo GameCube and competes nowadays against the Playstation 3 of Sony and the Xbox 360 of Microsoft as part of the videoconsolas of the seventh generation

The most distinctive characteristic of the console is his wireless control, the Remote Control Wii (orWiimote), which can be used as a hand device by the one that can sign, beside being able to detect the acceleration of the movements in three dimensions. Other one of his peculiarities is what has called WiiConnect24, that allows to receive messages and updates across Internet in the way of wait. [4] Finally, the Wii can synchronize with the portable console Nintendo DS, Which allows that the console Wiishould take advantage of the tactile screen of the Nintendo DS

From his launch, the console has got prizes for the innovation of his control and the popularity that it has generated rapidly. Also it has got prizes for the great number of sales that it has had. On the other hand, some developers on having noticed the success of the Wii throughout the world, have asked for excuses to thecompany Nintendo for having thrown games of low quality and not having been optimistic with the system.

In the E3 2006, the console gained the first prizes in several items. On December [6 8, 2006, one concludes his launch on four key markets.

Wii Remote

Wii Remotto (commonly acquaintance, Control Remoto Wii in Latin America, Wii's Control in Spain or Wiimote in the world gamer) is theprincipal control of the Wii. There uses a combination of accelerometers incorporated in the detection for signs in bluetooth and sense to his position in the space 3D, in reference to the IREDs (LEDs Infrarrojos) of the Bar of Sensors. This design allows to the users to control the game by means of physical traditional gestures, as well as to press a button. The controller connects to the console bymeans of Bluetooth, can vibrate, and has an internal loudspeaker. The Remote Control Wii can connect to other devices across a proprietary port in the base of the controller. The device that comes included with the package of the console retail Wii is the Nunchuk, Which possesses an accelerometer and a traditional analogical control two buttons of activation. In addition, he has a strap of wrist toprevent that the player throws accidental the Remote Control Wii. Due to the fact that the original strap provoked several incidents of breaks, Nintendo is offering a free strap of stronger substitution. Nintendo also has offered to the Remote Control Wii a strap to provide protection and grasp extra, this strap has been perfected due to the fact that some users have experienced the detachment ofthis one for an excessive or incorrect use.

The bar of sensors allows advantage to the major Wii Remote to be able to detect better the movement, to be able to be in use to a major distance and be able to point at the indicated place that is wanted to do Without any any difficulty, it has a few IREDs (LEDs Infrarrojos) that alone there can be seen across an infrared chamber or chamber ofcellular, which it has next to the bar of sensors and that will allow the major usefulness the Bluetooth towards the Wiimote.


The console has a great variety of accessories, which they include: controllers, pistols, steering wheels, rackets of tennis, adapters of network, cables audio and video. Some of the accessories are a complement to the design of the Remote Control Wii, such as...
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