Roman empire

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  • Publicado : 10 de octubre de 2010
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Alexandro Enciso Carrillo 321/14
English Essay
The Roman Empire was a phase of the old Rome when his government was very powerful and his territories were very big.His Government had been studying since they started to form, and it was conformed by a Emperor, the Senate, the Senators and Equestrians, and the Equestrian order.
The Emperor had the power to carryout a range of duties as the military and the religious institutes; he also had the power to control the senate membership. He was the most powerful man on Rome; he had the authority over the Romanarmy: The best army on those days.
After an Emperor had died, the next Emperor had to be the successor who chose the Emperor before died, if not, the senate chose a new Emperor.
Julius Caesar was themost important Emperor of the Roman Empire, he had conquered almost everything in Europe and Macedonia before anyone of the others Emperors did.
The Senate was the other powerful branch of thegovernment; this senate had been taking as an example of organization in a government in these days. They were prestigious and respected as the same of the Emperor.
The Senators and equestrians were avery important fact to make possible the Roman Empire. They were post and office of the government.
I think it’s very interesting how they had this almost excellent form of government before us. I thinkthis type of government had been using since they created it, with just a little changes.
The military was another thing to appreciate about the Romans; they were divided in legions, auxilia and thenavy. The legions had formed about 60 legions before they had a battle that reduced the legions about 25. While the auxilia were not so famous as legions and they won less money, they were of moreimportance. The Roman Navy not only aided in the supply and transport of the legions, but also helped in the protection of the frontiers.
The Roman Empire tended to be tolerant with the different...
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