Romeo & juliet

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  • Publicado : 31 de marzo de 2011
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Romeo & Juliet
Is a love history, about a girl, her name is Juliet Capulent, she's in love With Romeo Montain, and he is in love with Juliet to, they meet inaparty, but the problem is that their families are enemies
Juliet is 14 years old, and her family think that she's ready to get married with paris, a prince, But shewant marriend with Romeo, In the night, they married, they're so in love
When Romeo Kill to Juliet's cousin, the king, juliet's father, tell townspeople, thatRomeo have to be banished, and for this situation is more dificult for him, see Juliet
the Lady and King decided that Juliet will get married With paris onThursday, for her is so little time and so fast, she need help, and she ask to Friar a solution, he gave her a medicine she'll sleep for 48 hours, she'll lie as if shehad died, Friar before, gave to Romeo a posion
when put Juliet in the vault, Romeo would go for it and escape together, the problem was that Romeo did not knowthe plan yet, when Juliet took the medicine, their parents were unfortunate, and believed everything, Julie was pale and cold, as death, when placed in the vault,Paris went to be with her, but met up with Romeo and started to fight, Romeo Killed to Paris
But when he saw Juliet dead, their hopes are over, he kissed Juliet,and drank the poison, for seconds later, he died
minutes later, Juliet awoke and was surprised when I look at Romero's dead, I see Paris, and began to mourn, noRomeo felt that she would not be nothing, took a knife and pierced into his body to die with Romeo
"Oh Friendly Knife! My Body will be your final resting-place"
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