Romeo y julieta

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In the charming Verona, where this story happened, the inveterate grudge two noble families of degenerates into a civil dispute, in which citizens dirty their hands with blood of others. From the infamous lineage of the two rivals was born with a pair of unfortunate luck unhappy lovers, whose misfortunes and unfortunate end to them the poison buried resentment of theirparents. This work presented the unfortunate history of the loves and the stubbornness of parents whose uncompromising attitude marked the unfortunate end of their children.

Romeo and Juliet

In a square in Verona, Benvolio, cousin of Romeo and Tybalt, Juliet's cousin in a fight face sword after attempting to sever his servants to fight. The fight is enlarged and become the parents of Romeo and Juliet'sparents. Finally comes the prince who says he is fed up with Break and that the city enter fights support these two families, who decrees the death penalty for those who start a new conflict. After the incident, the mother of Romeo Benvolio asks for her son. He says he has been very lonely, away from others. That comes Romeo and his parents can retire to get his secret Benvolio. Romeo confesseshis torment is being in love with a beautiful girl and although her cousin says there are ways to forget, Romeo says that's impossible. While walking, Count Capulet asks Paris if he will marry his daughter Juliet. He replied that his daughter is very young but if she accepts it no problem. They go down the same street and Romeo and Benvolio are continuing the conversation. That a servant approachesthem and asks Romeo to read the order of his master because they cannot read. Romeo does, and learns to organize a house party in honor of Juliet Capulet and the whole city will attend. He and Benvolio decide to go, Benvolio tells his cousin that there may know of other girls but Romeo will answer only to see Rosalina, it's called the girl who is distressed. When talking Juliet's mother, Julietand the nurse. The mother tells Juliet that it should think about marriage. Juliet says she still has not thought about it and the mother says she has a suitor, Count Paris. The Nanny is moved by the story and the mother tells her daughter that the party will be able to Juliet that night to meet her suitor. Romeo, Benvolio, cousin of Romeo and Mercutio, Romeo's friend, head to the Capulet partyorganized disguised with a mask so you do not recognize that they are of Montague. While Benvolio and Mercutio are enthusiastic about the dance, Romeo is distressed and discouraged. Romeo is set in the beauty of Juliet (even without knowing it) and instantly forget their troubles by Rosalina. Meanwhile, Tybalt, Juliet's cousin, recognizes the presence of a Montague (Romeo) in the house and decides tokill him, but he stops her uncle Capulet, Juliet's father and owner of the house. Romeo, Juliet is finding that one, is approaching and gallantly kisses her hand and then kisses her lips. In that, the Nanny tells Juliet that her mother called. Romeo asks Nanny Juliet's identity and is hurt to learn that family belongs to the enemy. After the party, Juliet asks her identity Babysitting young mankissed her and regrets to learn that Romeo is a man she should hate.

Romeo has been so impressed with Juliet who cannot leave without seeing her again, so does Benvolio and Mercutio escape unable to find even seek it. Risking even his life, Romeo climbs the wall of Capulet and, as a thief, an enemy enters the house. Juliet does not know that Romeo is hiding in your garden, out onto her balconyand confesses his love talking to the moon. Romeo, Juliet knows that she loves him, comes out of hiding and talk to him. She, ashamed of being discovered, he says he would rather suffer for him to swear a love that is sincere. Nanny interrupts their conversation by calling Juliet and her Romeo before leaving, tells him that if his intentions are sincere and want to marry the next day sent a...
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