Romney vs obama

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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Obama Vs. Romney
Many things could happen when a metaphor appear in an argumentation. Aristotle said in his Rhetoric that the human being isn’t just a rational man, but a person that obeys hisemotions. In order to be able to persuade, said Aristotle, a speech should appeal to three different dimensions in its audience, for example, ethos, pathos, and logos. During the next month, United Statesof America will decide the path that people want to follow. The main proposals are the one of the actual president Barak Obama and the other of the governor of Massachusetts State Mitt Romney.Therefore, in order to compare their two different arguments during their speech, it’s important to analyze how well-according are their ethos, pathos, and logos in their last speeches.
The first differentthat both candidates have is about their ethos in their speech. Ethos means the confidence that the speaker transmit to the audience. It is whether or not the orator deserver the trust of thelisteners. So, a good point that could be considerate is the fact that Mr. Romney is not well-accepted for the presidency in the stated that he is already running. Most of the people in the state ofMassachusetts support Obama campaign, so it does not inspire confidence when a speaker, who doesn’t receive the support of his own state people, proposes something. In the other hand, Mr. Obama proposal issupported by his own state people and its actual presidential period. In order to compare two speeches, it is very important to consider if the acts of the speakers are accord with their words.The second different that both candidate have is about their pathos in their speech. Both are good orator. It may be possible that Mr. Romney would be better than President Obama when they talk to thepeople, but in this case, it has been comparing how pathos in their speeches is. In Rhetoric, it is call pathos is when the argument of the speaker appeals the feeling of his or her listeners....
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