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Ronald Reagan’s Presidency was really good, when he took the office in 1981, the world was changing; he changed not only the conservative movement, the Republican Party, his country and the world,but also his opponents, known as liberals. As a result of his achievements, the typical liberal Member of Congress today sits to the right of Richard Nixon on a number of economic issues, including taxpolicy. His presidency would be one that would set the tone for the coming decades. Reagan had high expectations for his term in office; his “first, second, and third priorities” were his economicplans.
Reagan was also call the great communicator he was capable of charming millions of Americans with his soothing, grandfatherly demeanor. His economic policies were mostly a failure. Partly thiswas because he had promised something arithmetically impossible: to increase military spending, cut taxes, and balance the budget. He kept the first two promises, delivering the largest peacetimemilitary build-up in American history, and cutting taxes massively, mostly for upper-income households.
He had an extreme passion for foreign politics, despite being warned against it and the beginningof his term to focus on the economy and its continued downward slide. His passion showed in his dealings with the Soviet Union, especially after the rise. He was instrumental in the reduction of armsof the world’s superpowers and key in the resurgence, in the United States, of military spending. But, when it came to foreign policy, Reagan had very different views than his predecessors. Reagan didnot believe in detente, he did not believe in appeasement, and he did not believe in the isolationist movement that had populated American thought for the better part of the 20th century. He believedthat the United States had to defeat the Soviet Union on the grounds that communism was immoral and resulted in a freedom less society. He viewed the country as a true threat to the superiority of...
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