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Desktop Document Management – The Most Powerful Way to Scan, Organize and Share all of Your Documents
Millions of people — including office workers, lawyers, insurance and real estate agents,doctors and business professionals — rely on ScanSoft® PaperPort® Professional to eliminate paper and streamline the way they work with all their documents. PaperPort is one of the critical paperto-digitaltools that has allowed hundreds of companies to merge their paper and digital worlds, gaining tremendous efficiency and savings. No other product lets you do so much with your documents so quickly.Find out for yourself why PaperPort is the world’s best-selling PC document management software!

PC and Network Standards PaperPort is based on Microsoft® Windows® standards, adding scanning, PDFcreation and document management to your existing folders and files. Simply install PaperPort on your PC — and get organized! 100% Professional PDF You’ll be amazed with what you can do with PDF files inPaperPort. You can create a PDF from any application; scan to PDF; search PDF files; annotate and highlight; merge, stack/unstack; secure PDF files and more. Stack and Assemble Documents Working withelectronic documents is as easy as stacking paper. Combine scans and photos with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint® pages to quickly assemble custom PDF documents. Revolutionary Split Desktop Nowyou can view and work in multiple folders at the same time. Use Bookmarks to instantly take you to specific folders – anywhere on the PC or network.

Visual Document Management Only PaperPort letsyou see all of your work at once — providing large thumbnails for nearly every PC file format. One Click Capture Nuance’s patented one touch and ScanDirect™ technology makes professional documentcapture fast and easy. Never Misplace a File All-in-One SearchTM lets you find all your content — paper, PDF, photos and digital files — using a single search keyword or phrase. Never Rescan Again...
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