Same sex marriages

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  • Publicado : 21 de abril de 2010
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We can’t deny that our world has changed considerably during the last decades. In terms of social behavior, what used to be unacceptable in the past is now becoming morecommon and normal. We are living in a “mixed bowl” where religions, races, languages and sexual preferences live together. In some countries, people are free to conduct their lives the way they want to(as soon as they comply with the existing regulations). Tolerance instead of discrimination: that’s what people demand.

These days, however, we can still see that rigid social structures forcepeople to follow an acceptable and general way of behavior. We should understand that without these social rules, our society would be chaotic, but in some cases, these standards prevent a personfrom expressing his or her true emotions, making him/her hide his/her true personality and develop psychological problems if not canalized properly.

Within this complex society, people who havesexual preferences for same sex partners are asking governments to recognize their marriages. This big step, which some countries are already taking, would reflect the evolution of modern society,where respect is the main principle of coexistence. It would allow them to share a life with their loved partner legally and finally express their feelings with fewer limitations.

Once same sexmarriages are legalized, the next step is the insertion of that lesbian or gay family into society. Make people understand that they are just another family, with the same rights and responsibilitiesand that they should be treated fairly and respectfully. This could be the hardest part for conservative people who are not used to share public and even private spaces with this kind of couples, butmaybe some educational programs sponsored by the government will help everyone assimilate the fact that they are just like every other one of us. We should understand that people living with a same...
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