San francisco church in salta

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Church and Museum of San Francisco, in Salta

The main parade of Salta , is the Church and Museum of San Francisco, built in 1625 and completed its construction in 1870. In 1941 it was declared aNational Historic Landmark.
The first building was completed in 1625 , although it was precarious so they had to build a second temple in 1674 . This one was destroyed by a huge fire in 1761. Thepresent church was built again in 1767, with 1,50 meters wide walls made of stones.
In 1857 the father Isidoro Fernández returns from Rome with 14 religious, who headed the construction of the building.The convent was completed eight years later. The last renovation was leaded by Luis Giorgi who reopened the church in 1870. In 1877 the bell tower construction, next to the temple begins
One of themost outstanding parts of the San Francisco Church is its bell tower, which stands 54 meters from the ground, becoming one of the tallest in South America. At its highest point has a bell made of thebronze cannons and guns used in the Battle of Salta.
On the forecourt we can find a statue dedicated to San Francisco, who created the Franciscan order, which was first shown in 1926, and wasdonated by Italy during the government of Mussolini
The convent has a beautiful side yard that dates back as old as the Church of San Francisco and in the galleries has 13 paitings dedicated to the memoryof San Francisco`s life. Along this courtyard, we find the Museum of San Francisco, which treasures real works of sacred art, statues, images, paintings, furniture, collection pieces of silver likecrowns, and other objects like goblets with precious stones embedded, silken robes, all of great historical and religious value. We can also find different objects of the colonial period. There`s alsoa library of ancient and unique editions of great value.

The main facade has Italian influences, a central body densely decorated with garlands, flowers, inscriptions, badges and blind windows....
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