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  • Publicado : 10 de noviembre de 2010
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one of my favorite television programs is Cris Angel Mind Freak, is a magician who lives in Las Vegas, which performs incredible acts of magic, caught the eyes of unsuspecting passersby.

I like itbecause it always caused me very curious to know how to do all the tricks.

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The cure for cancer could be ready in two years

According to an article publishedthis week in, U.S. scientists say that in about two years of cancer patients could be cured by injections of immune cells from other people. Scientists have received the approval from theFDA to begin testing in 22 patients anti-cancer cell transfusions "super strong" donor.

Dr. Zheng Cui, of the Faculty of Medicine of Wake Forest University, has shown in laboratory experimentsthat immune cells from some people may be about 50 times more effective against cancer than others.

Dr. Cui, whose work has been featured in this week's New Scientist magazine, had previously shownthat cells from mice immune to cancer could be used to protect and even to cure other mice with tumors.

In 1999, Dr. Cui and colleagues discovered a male mouse that appeared to be completelyresistant to the cells of different types of virulent cancers. Dr. Cui injected granulocytes from immune mice into normal mice and found that a single dose could provide protection against cancer for life.Also found that transfusions cancer in mice remitted patients arriving, in some cases, completely eliminate weeks.

The work raises the possibility of using human granulocytes, immune system cellsthat fight cancer, obtained from donors to significantly boost the ability of patients to fight their disease and perhaps even cured.

According to Cui, if this method proves to be as effective inhumans as in mice, could save many lives and soon, because the technology needed to extract granulocytes and implementation are the same as that used in hospitals to obtain other blood components,...
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