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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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“Being yourself is the only way to meet your true self” –unknown author. In the book of Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli there is a very peculiar girl called Susan Caraway. There is also a kid called Leo,who is the director of “Hot Seat” a TV program on Mica High school. Susan, or referred as Stargirl on the story, is a newcomer, homeschooled, on Mica High She has this unique way to get everyone loveand affection, or that is what we thought.

Stargirl is someone special. Susan starts on the story with this great, but strange aspect. She had freckles and a sand colored hair that touched hershoulders. She wore a white dress at the start of school and had a little guitar, that ended being and Ukulele. She got Leo’s love with just one smile and made all the High School be happy. She sanghappy birthday with her Ukulele on someone who she didn’t even now! Stargirl was the one that cheered for the opposing team, and the reason why the Mica High team had won for the first time.

Beingyourself is the only way to get someone real love. Being who you really are is being host and while you are being your true self, other people will show you their true inner self too. Like on the caseof Stargirl, she was a weirdo at first, but at the end they accepted her for who she was. There was a big error, not of Stargirl, but of the people that didn’t accepted her. We are always going to findpeople that don’t want us, but you just have to remember that they hate us being they envy us.” Hillary slapped her ……. Stargirl finally moved, Hillary winced and shut her eyes. But it was lips thattouched her, not he palm of a hand. Stargirls kissed her gently…..” (Spinelli, pg.175)

“It’s my happy wagon” She said “Actually, it could just ad well be called unhappy wagon, but I prefer happy”(Spinelli, 121) On this quote we can see how optimistic Stargirl is. She prefers being happy than being sad. Stargirl has always been an optimistic girl, we could infer. I infer she has always been...