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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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Sometimes people come to see science and philosophy as a synonym for the fact that both seek to arrive at knowledge of an object of study orunknown. But, even if they have some similarities, differences exist between that marks them as different concepts.

The philosophy is reason why to universe and life andseeks the full knowledge of it. This problematizes everything to seek to response. But to their answers dog not sees considered entirely valid, because everyone dog see themfrom to different perspective. His focus of study is ace boundless ace to universe itself. In short it is to love for knowledge.
Meanwhile, the objectives of scienceare different. Science mainly looks for to explain some event or phenomenon of the reality and is important that their discoveries become laws based on the obtainedresults. In science if it must be unanimous the answers that occur to the studied problems and to prove this it is required of the experimentation. It is limited by the field ofobjects that studies.
In my opinion personal, I could not define the philosophy like a science, since we can take as she bases the set out ideas previously to makereference of the great difference that can exist between both and the form in which they are carried out.
Nevertheless, we can say that both are similar because they arededicated to study the phenomena of the universe and to respond to the incognitos raised by the man, in spite of being different in the form in which it reaches theconclusions. It could say that both are important and necessary for the humanity, since it is the search of the knowledge the one that has obtained that our civilization advances.
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