Selecting video games

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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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Selecting video games
People of all ages are playing games, so it's important that parents know which ones are intended for younger players — and which ones aren't. Here's a guide.
Video games area favorite hobby among kids today. When kids are young, having them play a video game can be a welcome break for both you and them. But as they get older, particularly the teenage years, their videogaming habits change: They may prefer to play with friends, and may even compete at a higher level with more challenging and edgy content. As parents, we understand that this is normal and inevitable,and we do our best to set and enforce ground rules, and pick games we consider appropriate for our kids. Like any parenting decision, the more you know when selecting those games, the better offyou’ll be.
Did you know that the average age of a gamer today is actually 33? That’s no typo. People of all ages are playing games, and so it stands to reason that, just like movies and TV shows, some gamesare simply not intended for younger players. It’s important you know which ones are intended for younger players — and which ones aren’t. Here’s a guide:
Know the Rating
To determine if aparticular game is right for your child, start with the rating on the package. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is a nonprofit organization that assigns the ratings that appear on the front andback of virtually every game available for purchase or rental. The front and back of the package carries one of six age ratings. On the package’s back, next to the rating, are content descriptions thatexplain what might have triggered the rating, and indicate what may be of interest or concern to parents.
The ratings are intended to be used as a guide, so that parents can use their own judgmentabout what they consider appropriate for their children and family. During the process of assigning ratings, the ESRB considers many different aspects: What is the degree of intensity and realism?...