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The technology and the video-games in our lives

The time causes that everything changes, even the habits and diversion of a child; with this I meant that nowadays the excessive use of technology and mass media produces many upheavals and social problems,this happens not to make a good use, but an abuse of it. Next I will detail how the technology and mass media affects in our lives, in oursurroundings, but mainly it affects in the children, who do not know to amuse themselves or to entertain themselves if it is not with a video console or watching television;I also will detail how to solve the caused problems for that reason and I will give some advice to avoid to have these problems. Do not you remember when you played three in ray with stones ? Where is the creativity and theimagination, now that only exist video-consoles?
The excessive use of the video games and the technology at the moment produce several consequences in the children, some of them are the following: The first one is that they reduce their social and familiar life and the time that they use to study or to do some sport activities; this happens to my little brother, who is seven years old and he hasborn in the technological stage and he only thinks in playing on the computer or with video games and watching television. He does not matter if he has to stay at home all the evening or all the day, without seeing his friends or making social life; he right now lives to play with video games and to see the television, because this is what he has seen and has lived with her brothers and withtheir friends since he was a baby.
Another disadvantage that the technology and the video games has on the children, perhaps the most serious, is the dependency of the technology and the addiction, as the psychologist and expert in addictions Antonio E. Castaños explains very well in his book Techno-dependencies: mobile phone, video games and Internet. In this book he explains that this upheaval oftechnological dependency can produce an aggressive conduct, can alter the education and formation of the boy with the competitive, sexist and violent content of the technology and the video games; it also can produce cardiac or sanguineous problems, anxiety and lead to emotional imbalances among others things.
On the other hand, if you do memory you will remember that 10 years back everyyoung was happy and was amused with a ball, a doll, a bucket and a spade, or simply with three sticks and two stones; before the society was not so consumer and the children did not see much the television and they did not need to have an expensive video game to amuse itself, but nowadays we have almost nothing of the beautiful popular games that developed the imagination and the creativity, otherwisethe technologies and the electronics has invaded our homes, retaining to adults, but mainly to the children to go out and to breathe fresh air.
Until now I have expound the negative part of the technology and the video games; but exactly there is a good part in it, only if the use is good and it does not became abuse until arriving at the addition, as I have commented previously. Thetechnology and the video games improve the concentration of the attention and the mental abilities; it serves to develop the fantasy and to stimulate the curiosity; some technology and video game also serve as physical rehabilitation or are used in education, like for example nintendo the DS, that is used in some schools to improve the mental arithmetic of the mathematics; in addition it leads to anincrease of the self-esteem, providing dominion and control; the possibility of problematic conducts falls, it serves like therapy as the hyperactivity or stress, and like preparation to the world of computer science. It is clear that all these positive aspects are in smaller amount than the negatives, that are the majority, even so making a good use of the technology and the video games. but like in...
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