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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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Anya Ortiz 465242
1. Research sectoral GDP from a selected country and report on your findings.

• German GDP 1st quarter 2012 was 645,200 million euros.Var. Trim. -1.6%, Var. Annual 3.0%

• In the 2nd quarter of 2012 was 648,600 million euros. Var. Trim. 0.5% Var. Annual 2.9% and an annual per capita income of 31,500 EurosGermany is the firste economy in the Eruo Zone, wich is intergrated for 17 countries, that uses the same currency (Euro), because of its economics’ strength, fiscaldiscipline and being a really competitive country, is one of the countries that despite the economical crisis that is happening in Europe, has been able to maintain their GDP,and also reflect an increase in de 2nd trimester of 2012.

2. Why Brazil isn't growing as fast as it used to be a couple of years ago.
Even though a lot of countrieswould like to have Brazil's highly productive farms and oilfields, government most start to think differently, some of the sources of the faster growth of recent years may notlast forever. China has a strong interest in commodities that make a lift in Brazil’s terms of trade, also can make them have a problem on labour force that will no grow asfast; also households are struggling with debt.
Brazil has turned into a very expensive place to do business, their currency is one of the problems, but also the bigpensions the government receives. Add of this the minimum wage is three times of Vietnam, so that causes struggle on manufacturing; the lack of investment makes the cost high,and the government made a law of 65% of equipment for the deepwater oil industry must be produced at home guarantees, that ends up doing the process more expensive and slower.
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