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Estefania Alegria
Personal Statement

Since I was young, I have had a strong interest in writing because it always

fascinated me the idea of putting inwriting things I have gone through like experiences,

discoveries, loss of a loved one, and pretty much my feeling s and emotions concerning

a certain event. Although I never putthe time or effort to sit in front of a computer

or a piece of paper and just write; unless I had to, because it was an assignment given by

my teacher.

Ever since Iremember, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a great reporter,

and write, write, write, and keep on writing. But to be honest, it takes me a long time to

write, and when I’m done,my work is just average, and I learned that is because I don’t

practice on my writing. I never have.

When I signed up for this class, I was scared. I thought I would haveto withdraw after

the first week for not being able to write. But as the weeks went by, this class is truly

helping me develop my writing skills. The journal is the perfectexample of it. It is like

an exercise, every time I open my journal; I think of just anything going on in my life,

and words start flowing through my head, and I write themdown, and they turn into

poetry. I review them afterwards, and I make my draft perfect. This has helped me with

other classes as well, it is a good idea to write your ideasdown, and then turn them into

something brilliant and useful. The first few poems I turned in were a disaster, but as

soon as I started using the journal, I have grownintellectually, and I have learn to

understand other poems as well. Because now that I write, I can read a poem with a

different perception, and have a better comprehension.
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