Selfishness vs. self interest

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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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Selfishness vs. Self-interest
People usually tell you to take care. My parents generally tell me to be on my side. This means to take decisions in my benefit, but itdoesn’t mean I am going to harm others while helping myself. There is a big difference between self-interest and selfishness.
In these times people have to be moreself-interested than before. Usually people didn’t had to worry about going out and being shoot, kidnapped, or robbed. Times had changed and now you have to look out for yourself.This doesn’t signify that you are going to through someone else to the fire just so you don’t get shoot. That’s the difference between selfishness and self-interest. If youare self-interested you will try not to get shoot, but not use someone else as a shield. A selfish person will probably use another one as a shield in order to live.
Thesame thing happens in Economics. An example of self-interest in economics is that people have to look for their success because no one else will do it for them. An exampleof selfishness is when the competition tries to knock down the other with scandal, rumors, and traps.
It’ll be ideal if there was no selfishness and just self-interest soeveryone will look out for themselves without damaging others. At least that’s the way I see it. If the “bad guys” of the first example where not so greedy, then there’llbe less industries leaving Mexico and more jobs. This means more money and less people working for the “bad guys”. Although there’s people and books that say that peopleact in a self-interested way, I do not agree, it’s just a matter of observing what the real situation in the world is and realizing selfishness governs our countries.
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