Semiotic image analysis.

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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2010
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The Game, Doctor’s Advocate1
In the picture we can see 4 tires with chrome rims, and Game sitting over one tire, without his t-shirt and with his pants down. We can see some of his tattoos in hisright arm, and specially the LA logo under his right eye, which represent the city of Los Angeles. Also, Game is wearing a chain around his neck. The picture it’s pretty clean, with a black backgroundand a grey floor. In the upper left corner appear the name of the singer and below it, the album’s name.
Most of the hip hop singers try to show that they are the best, that no one is better thanthem, trying to reinforce the idea that they are unique. For this reason, Game appears like the most important object in the picture, that’s why the dark background, to take no relevance of him. Otherthing that reinforces the last idea is that his name appears in a bigger typography than the album’s name, so again, here the important thing it’s him, over the album, over the rest of the world.
Also,I can mention that his name, The Game, is used maybe, like a Tag on all his albums covers. With this he is trying to put his name in the mind of the people. Is like a new way to “tag the city”,through his music. And also he is now tagging the world, not just the city. The tagging was very popular in the early 70s, and now Game is doing the same in a different way.
Game appears without his shirtshowing his body, but I think that more than showing his body, he is showing his tattoos. He has over 100 tattoos maybe, many without meaning but other very meaningful. I want to emphasize in hisface tattoo, the LA logo, which represent his city. In many songs he mentions LA, and specially Compton, which is an area in LA that is full of delinquency. It’s like a ghetto area in Los Angeles. He istelling us where was he from, where did he grow up, for to know bit more about him, to get an idea of what kind of person Game could be. Tell me where you live, and I will tell who you are....
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