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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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Dear Adan:
I’m writing you this letter of advice because, I know that perhaps, you will struggle in Composition 1 in the near future. This class will not be First of all, I want to let you know thatyou may have some issues with succeeding in this class, and I’d like to point them out to you.
I know that you always are trying to learn a new language, and you just don’t stop in the middle of it;you try to learn everything you can. That’s astonishing, but it is very easy to forget a language if you are trying to learn more and more, I know that you speak and write English well, and you tryto learn more of it every day, Another factor that may cause you some trouble in Composition 1, is how you spend too much time thinking about what to write and actually not brain storming it on a pieceof paper. Sometimes you don’t focus on what you are about to write and instead, you do something else and forget about what you were doing in the first place. Finally, you often don’t know how tostart writing about the topic that was assigned by the professor. I am going to give you some advice so you can succeed in Composition 1 this semester.
It is very important that you practice readingand writing in English, even though I know you do. A great tool that you can use is your advantage of knowing three other languages other than English. Try to use the other languages you know because itis very likely that all of them have the same roots and same meaning or, they just might be closely related to each other. I know that you are from Peru and know Spanish front and back, so youdefinitely should use that as a tool as well. Before writing, try to think in Spanish which it will help you in a big way since you can actually think sometimes faster in Spanish rather than in English. Iam sure your knowledge of the Italian language will also help you when writing an essay for English Composition 1 or any other class at a college level.
I also know that whenever you try to write...